Those curious camels

While down in the Nubra valley, we spied a herd of those curious bactrian (double humped camels) munching on seabuckthorn berries close to another curiosity, a sea of sand dunes. Typically these camels are native to the central steppes of Asia, mainly Mongolia and Kazakstan. Apparently the Nubra valley formed part of the old trade routes between China and India, when this route collapsed, herds of the camels were left abandoned in the region and regained their wild habits, before being re-tamed once more, 15 odd years ago as an attraction for tourists.

Very obliging and photogenic. Keep at a distance, the breath is baaad!
Back legs, buns and curious Dr Seuss furry towers.
Stately gait.
A hint of a smile. Personally I just loved the fuzzy hairdo and the woolly knees.
Pat pat, pet pet, Carlos makes friends.

The Bactrians were hanging out in the truly beautiful spot at 3000m: alongside the braided Nubra river bound by bizarre barchan dunes just outside the village of Hundar.
and off they sauntered into the seabuckthorn forest...
One thought on “Those curious camels
  • Sheraine van Wyk

    These camels do look woolly & cuddly and seem smaller or at least shorter than the single humped camels. Is one able to ride them?