The Nakee-la and Lachalunga-la passes

Once over the Rohtang, the wet forested pass at 4000m and Baralacha-la just under 5000m, the road climbs out of the Sarcchu plains up the double pass of the Nakee-la (4950m) and the Lachalung-la (5060m).

On the way up the infamous 21 'Gata loops', roadside humour keeps the spirits high on this 23km ascent from 4250m to 4980m to the Nakee-la
I am always impressed by the 'fields' of wild rhubard that I have seen each year growing in a very particular spot at around 4800m (on the vulnerable list of himalayan plants). Below a squadron of Royal Enfield riders make their way up.
Carlos and Aulo enjoy views from the cairn strewn false summit of the Nakee-la, before dropping 200m down to start climbing again to the true pass.
Despite two broken ribs (falling while taking photos) Anthony labours on, happy to see the prayer flags no doubt!
Descending reluctantly 200m down to Whiskey Nullah (only to then climb back up), however a lunchtime snack stop serenaded by a french motorbike rider playing his banjo helped to restore failing humour and energy levels.
A triumphant descent! Caroline rightfully very pleased with herself after a 7k slog up to 5065m of the Lachalung-la!
Dots of cyclists: After 30 odd k's of a hard grind, we could all enjoy the blissful descent down the other side.
More downhill treats: sighting of the Blue headed himalayan sheep or Bharal
Gateway to Pang: Granite slabs rise like fortresses on either side.
Ever changing and awe inspiring scenery all the way down the Lachalung-la: aeolian carved sandstone-scapes.
2 thoughts on “The Nakee-la and Lachalunga-la passes
  • Shirley Erasmus

    Bridget, you're a legend. I tell my kids about you and your amazing adventures! Thanks for sending those awesome pics. Love Shirley, Adolph, Duncan, Neil and Sarah.

  • Belinda van der Riet

    Bridge I'm SOOOO jealous...looks like an awesome adventure. Well done and enjoy every minute. love Belinda