The ‘Giants castle’ near Pang

From the Lachalung-la pass we whizzed down a stunning ascent along one of my favourite valleys where walls of granite surrounded us like a giants castle.
Exquisite and delicate flowers grow in the most unlikely places
Surrounded by massive mountains of granite, that lined the road like some impressive royal gateway.
Dale and Leeanne enter the 'giants castle', diminished into mere dots
Another dazzling site awaited us on the next bend. From mountains of granite to mountains of sand. The gateway to Pang, which had also been affected quite severly by the floods in Ladakh. The road had been smothered in mud, landslides and bridges had been washed away.
Once again the sheer size of the landscapes dwarfed us into insignificance
Another fabulous campsite near Pang
Stunning skies and a rainbow

Bridget Ringdahl

Pedaling has been natural to me since the tender age of three. Cycling is practical, fun, it gets you to the corner café, across countries, continents, keeps you fit and is by far the most efficient and environmentally friendly transport option around, being virtually carbon neutral.

I live in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal which is great cycling country, within 10 minutes I can be bouncing along some of the finest single tracks in the province.