The Double Dash (Nakee-la & Lachalung-la passes)

Himank, the Indian road agency are so polite, we were about to start the 37km double pass taking us up to 5060m: 'inconvenience deeply regretted'.
The first part entails snaking your way up into oxygen thin air along the '21 gata loops' taking you to the first of 2 false summits
Taking the last of the 21 loops, this rock outcrop frames Cath, the 'dot' quite nicely!
The first-ascent-ers enjoy the success of summiting the Nakee-la just under 5000m
Strange broadleaved flowers provide a roadside attraction/distraction
A disheartening 200m descent and then another 7km slog will eventually get you to the top of the 'real' pass, the Lachalung-la (5060m) (Dots: Leeanne & Dale powering on)


Jon sucks up his last breathes to get him through the final 200m
....while James sensibly masters the art of 'truck-surfing'
Flags congratulating Cath and Shelley at 5060 metres above sea-level

Bridget Ringdahl

Pedaling has been natural to me since the tender age of three. Cycling is practical, fun, it gets you to the corner café, across countries, continents, keeps you fit and is by far the most efficient and environmentally friendly transport option around, being virtually carbon neutral.

I live in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal which is great cycling country, within 10 minutes I can be bouncing along some of the finest single tracks in the province.