Danny Andazola – USA

My name is Danny and I had the most amazing experience of hiking the Grand Traverse in the Drakensberg. I did this hike on March 28th to April 8th of 2017. What a wonderful time frame to go with beautiful weather, except for one day, which is the way of the mountains. So what made me pick Spanafrican Adventures over others? Carlos (owner of Spanafrican Adventures) was the only one that would help me with this hike. I contacted a few guide companies and because I was adventuring alone, it was too much resource for just one person (rightfully so). I was just glad Carlos took a chance on me. The communication prior to going was perfect and very responsive. Payment was made easy through paypal. The guide itself and my porter were amazing and local. Very knowledgeable of the mountains and strong individuals. Carlos was very flexible in my needs such as transportation to the hike and transportation back after the hike since I didn’t have a vehicle. Also, he made great suggestions of a backpackers lodge that I should stay at prior to the hike and gave me the info of the Baz Bus to reach this backpackers lodge. Carlos is genuinely nice, making sure you are well and wants you to enjoy your adventure. 5/5 star is greatly deserved. Plus, I loved the snacks that were provided on food resupply day . I would suggest to go with at least two people to help with cost but his price is very competitive anyways, especially with 2 or more people. If you go solo, it will be hard to find anyone that would take you but have a chat with Carlos like I did and he will give you the time and day to see what works on your schedule and how it can be done. I highly recommend this company. Thank you Carlos, the guide and my porter! Also to his wonderful family which I had the opportunity to meet. Wonderful people. Just lovely.