Some reasons why I like the Himalayas

Its back to Ladakh and these are some of my reasons…

the landscapes

the prayer flags

the people: Ladakhis, Lahualis, Spitians, Tibetans

the sublime cycling opportunities

the sustainable livelihood practices
the dogs
the villages
the high altitude flowers
the colours (and the monastries)
the donkeys
the momos
the monks things
the Buddhist way and the openness
and I like to ride my bike
8 thoughts on “Some reasons why I like the Himalayas
  • Pia Sanchez

    ...and so you're off, once more, to the land of intriguing places! Have a wonderful trip and we look forward to following your amazing journey. Bon voyage and love from us all at home!

  • Nikki

    Send my love to the dogs, Bridg. Travel mindfully. much love xxx

  • jill storrar

    Have a lovely trip, Bridget, and travel safely, Jill Storrar

  • what a great idea, i cant wait to go back to Ladakh! Have a blast! The last photo of your bike - is that dhankar in the spiti valley by any chance?

  • Sara

    Nice to see you are on the road again. We follow you from afar... Remember the ice cream in Hanoi with Cathy?

  • Clare Hofmeyr

    I hope to join one of your rides next year, and after seeing these photos I am even more keen! Hope your ride goes well.

  • Paul

    May you be happy, peaceful and contented, free from suffering and the causes of suffering. May you know the ultimate truth.