Ringdahl Riders

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having my niece, Elaine and nephew, Royd to stay for 3 days during their holidays. Coming from Jozies, there aren’t many opportunities to cycle safely, let alone ramp along winding shoelace-like single track. They had already resigned themselves to the fact that sooner or later their uncle and aunt would insist on getting them onto a bicycle. I knew it wouldn’t take much coaxing to get Royd enthused, but Elaine needed a little more convincing…. happy to say that without any prompting after the 2hour loop, she said it was much more fun than she expected, so much so, that she was keen for another ride the next day!

Elaine (a dancer) came breezing up 'Greg's' track, stumps and roots did little to perturb her.


We then met up with the boys, Carlos and Royd who had just puffed their way up 'Oso's little Bear track' to meet us at the top of 'Harry''s' one of the first bits of single track in Howick that I ever cycled, now some 11 years ago!


Elaine negotiates some rocks down 'Harry's', riding a bike with cleated pedals and ordinary shoes didnt phase her either!


Royd rolls effortlessly down Goblins glen. Four years ago the plantations were a wasteland of charred earth, incredible to see how fast these invasive alien trees re-establish.


Pefrect winter cycling conditions - blue skies and crisp sunny days. A little forestry road in between to link up with more good bits. Royd looks rightly, very pleased indeed!


To fully appreciate the Howick single track, its impossible not to avoid some steep climbs, Royd agrees its worth the effort!


...the rewards , whipping down Howie's


down pure unabridged single track!


The three Ringdahls pay homage to Howie ' God of the Single track! '.


For puncture-free, wind at your back, sublime single track riding - a visit to pay tribute to Howie is a must! (the guardian and safe keeper of all the single track in Howick).


Howick offers some of the finest tracks in the midlands, from beginners to advanced. The more than 40km of trails still thrill me every time I ride them.


In 2009 we took little Luca out for a spin, this photo also shows just how quickly the plantation has grown and recovered !