Pre-himalayan training

Another glorious winter midlands day. This 65k Himalayan training ride took us stereotypical rolling landscapes that typify the area. Pinus plantations, lush dairy farms, grassland patches and views of the Karkloof, Nthalzan and the snow-covered Drakensberg way off in the distance. I am always in awe of the fact that despite cycling extensively in Karkloof we still get lost, like today – just goes to show you don’t have to go far to have a bit of adventure and enjoy some stunning scenery and trails.

Lately sunday rides have become really social, today 10 of us set off to explore the karkloof with an added incentive of stopping at Trebadore coffee en route. Our garden looking like car park.


Starting with some single track


Sarah & Matt


Rene's rumble, one of the classic singletrack descents, 6k of pure bliss reached only after a tough slog up Khyber pass. This was the only possibility of getting a pic as the trail shoots through the pines switchbacking and dropping fast.


Ian is 'spat' out at the end, before climbing back up once more via Khyber side routes to Elliot


The only time I ever caught up with speedster Julia, here she surveys the amazing Karkloof valley. We explored the routes across the valley a few weeks back


The final slog up Elliot


Long Crested eagle surprise to finish off!
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