Lucky Bike

Lucky knows all about bikes – from the pumping up of tyres to replacing broken spokes,  but a bike is bad news in Lucky’s mind – it generally means a morning or afternoon at home alone: just him and Impi dog.  A welcome back he’s chuffed and delights in jumping on the table and perching his paws on the saddle. I just love this picture!

Lucky pup!
Lucky pup!
4 thoughts on “Lucky Bike
  • nikki brighton

    Bridge - Who will be taking Lucky and Impi for walks while you head for the hills? might we see them when we fill in your "dog walking duty" at the SPCA? love Nikki and Paul (and Dizzy and Sushi - who would be VERY annoyed if we left them at home for so long!)

  • Pia Sanchez

    Wishing both Brigiiita and Carlos the most wonderful trip into the Himalayas! Look forward to having you home again in the springtime. Lucky and Impi dog will be watching for you at the gate and waiting for happy travel tales. Bon voyage! luv Pia and Kech and Yan and Tim

  • clivescott

    Dear Bridge, What an inspiration you are! Got the address from Gudrun. Reminded me of my cora round Mount Kailash in 2005 at 19,500feet. That certainly was breathtaking!! In fact I had no breath at all. Such wonderful simple and hospitable people. The less they have the more generous they are. But you have certainly seen life at the centre, and long may it continue. Would love to see you…

  • ashutoshmahajan

    How many passes did you cover by the way?