Idyllic campsite near Sarcchu

Almost at the top of the 28km Baralacha-la (4890m). Still wearing my long shirts and floppy hat, the only solution to escaping sun burn.
We hung some prayer flags for our dear friend Justin
Justins family and friends made their own flags for him - holding them to the winds so the prayers could be sent into heaven.
Everyone made it up the pass with no problems, only Shelley got a roastie from a not very successful 'truck-surfing' attempt.
The descent to Bharatpur
Pony caravan
Chilling out in a dhabba in Bharatpur, the weird physcedelic blue hue ensured I didnt get too comfortable and was enough to make me feel slightly 'car sick' .
Descent to the Sarrchu plains. This one of my favourite bits of geology, layers of rock tossed up in the background.
The fabulous Sarrchu plains
The enormity of the landscapes is accentuated by the fact that my fellow cyclists appear as mere dots.
Mountain mass
Idyllic campsite
Cath rather pleased - who wouldn't be in this setting?
Our campsite, about 6km from the Sarrchu dhabbas - this view all to ourselves