Hiking in the Drakensberg on Video

Would you like to know what hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains is like? Watch this video. A collection of our best pictures and videos.

Carlos Gonzalez

Life has been good since his arrival in South Africa. It was September 2005 and he fell in love with the country straightaway. Places like the Drakensberg, Wild Coast and the Midlands provide all the inspiration he needs. After the taste of freedom, working in an office again was out of the question. He has since qualified as a nature and mountain guide, and as his friends joke, embarked on a serious love affair... with the Drakensberg, where he spends most weekends.
2 thoughts on “Hiking in the Drakensberg on Video
  • Wow! Well done Carlos! This is why we love to hike in these beautiful mountains and can't wait to get back out there again.... the Drakensberg is a special place to experience

  • rosesmix

    The total magic of the Mountains. Tha nk you for sharing Elaine.