Day 3: The Haven to Coffee Bay

Day 3: 5hrs to pedal 47km,  This was without doubt one of the most spectacular days or riding (also one of the toughest), encompassing every element of the wildcoast: Wide open sandy beaches, headlands jutting out to sea, the last remaining pockets of coastal forest on our eastern shores, exquisite estuaries, quaint villages, relentlessly steep hills, sweeping grasslands and views enough to make you want to ride off the edge….


Without doubt one of the most spectacular days. The tough 47km day was a perfect 'sample' of the wildcoast: wide open beaches, steep sugar-loaf hills, pockets of thick indigenous forest and the sprinklings of friendly villages along the way. Arriving at the landmark 'Hole in a Wall' was a highlight on the trip.
We enjoyed fabulous cattle tracks over the grassy slopes that eventually brought us to the headlands of 'hole in a wall'.
..sometimes pushing
Sarah, me and the 'wall'.
Hole-in-a-wall approach
Sweet descents
The chocolate box picture: Hole in a wall
Group pic
We spent the night at 'the haven' one of the oldest 'hotels' along the wildcoast. The quaint cottages hadn't changed much in the past 50 years
Bike portaging along rugged shores.
It was then back on track, thanks to cattle paths.
Looks like some weird religious ceremony, merely another crossing - the Xora river mouth.
Bulungula, probably one of the few genuine ecologically minded backpackers in the country which also benefits the community see
Doesnt look that steep, but promise it is - Bulungula in the background.
Inland villages


My dream house
Just love the texture of the indigenous forests. Here we enjoyed some fabulous tracks through this neck of the woods.
Friendly Xhosa lady on the way down. Balancing items effortlessly is a signature of these strong and resourceful women- sometimes tens of kilograms of fire wood or large buckets of water.
Three bikers and four huts.
It was up and down all the way. Here you can see Hole in a wall behind us as we tackled the final 8 excrutiating kilometres of the day.
Got to love the goat in this mural. Coffee bay.
forest, grassland, sea...