Day 2: Xhora River – The Haven

Day 2: 39km , 4hrs30 ride time:  Today we crossed the Xhora, Jajura, Ngadla, Xhixini, Ngabara and finally the Mbashe river mouths, all named so beautifully with the Xhosa click. Passing through the Dwesa forest reserve I was astounded by the size and the condition of this incredible pocket  of coastal forest, certainly one of the largest in South Africa.  We whizzed up and down excrutiatingly steep jeep tracks through Dwesa enjoying once more a completely different environment, to surface again in signature grasslands dotted with aloes. The final crossing was the Mbashe, strong currents were a little concerning. Just as well we only met the fisherman later that evening.  He had spotted a Zambezi or two while he had fished in the lagoon around about the same time we made our epic crossings. Photos of proud fisherman and their sharks on the walls of the pub at the Haven were another reminder that we were definetly in shark territory.

Bay after bay, they were all beautiful.
The wreck of the Frontier
James enjoys a natural pavement. Note the Nguni cow in the background, a common site to see the Ngunis chilling out on the beach.
Entering Dwesa forest reserve.
James goes head over wheels and buckles his front wheel. Looking a little dazed, the wheel was at least beaten into shape for the last few kms. As for James he never quite recovered 😉
Jon braves the final crossing, the shark infested waters of the Mbashe, with arm bands! No joke these were a real help as he helped tow our bikes across a very strong current.
Renee ready to brave the crossing with bike and Jon in tow.
Chugging against the current and hoping like hell no Zambezis decide to have taste.
The last to cross - Carlos is a serious hydrophobe, using his dry bag to the max.