Day 2 – to the Sach Pass (Udaipur to Kilar)

For sure this must be one of the most beautiful routes that I have ever cycled.  It took us almost 8hrs to ride the 80km to Kilar for a number of reasons: really tough terrain of unmetaled, stony roads and scenery that we simply had to stop for, every couple of kilometres. The road slithered and climbed along the ever narrowing and harrowing Chandrabhagga river valley.

Leaving Udaipur we cycled through magnificent pine forests
Carlos dwarfed by an incredible Deodar pine speciman.
Road surface rapidly deteriorated, one of the reasons it took us so long to ride the 80ks
One of the many amazing tributaries to the Chandrabhagga that we crossed.
The road was sometimes a river
Awesome blockey geology! (ancient mudstones)
More nice rocks – fabulous metamorphosed sedimentary layers!
Fortunately the road surface improved at times enabling more enjoyment of the blue skies and spectacular valley.
A seemingly never-ending road.
Another fierce tributary.
The traffic on the road was virtually non existent, we were passed by a couple of buses, a handful of jeeps and perhaps 2 trucks. Likewise the valley was relatively sparsely populated not surprising due to the steep valley, with perhaps one village every 30km.
And always abundant, fresh himalayan ‘mountain dew’
I was continually stunned by the magnitude and enormity of the landscape. Spot Carlos if you can.


Road workers really do battle against the elements.
Villages are well and truly isolated.
The last 10km really tested my sense of humor, I was exhausted but with views like this, I just had to enjoy it!
Kilar – a welcome site, we made it just in time for evening thali (dal and rice).
5 thoughts on “Day 2 – to the Sach Pass (Udaipur to Kilar)
  • Nuncles (2)

    at an exciting journey and what scenery. The 21st century is far from this unspoilt (?) place.

  • Susanne

    Beautiful scenery!



  • Hey Bridget First, congrats on many a adventurous ride. Do you remember what time of year you went through Sachs pass in Srinigar? Gonna try again this year but and looking at early July. Should be OK, but you never know. Just gotta see that road. On our way to Leh, again

    • Bridget Ringdahl

      Hi fred, lucky you!! We went over in late september... you never know with the weather. A few days earlier/later we would have been caught in rain and that was Sept!! All the best for your July ride... let me know how you get on..