Cycling with Himalayan Hounds – fundraiser for Funda Nenja, township dog-training initiative

Funda Nenja roughly translates from isiZulu to “learning with the dog” and that about sums up what an enthusiastic group of people are doing in Mpophomeni just outside Howick. Every Friday afternoon sees a gathering of about 10 volunteers and 65 dogs with their handler -children coming together to share interspecies and multicultural communication.
The idea is to develop respect and compassion for all living things by promoting a bond with a dog, using dog training as a vehicle. Education is given on animal welfare, the need for sterilization, humane handling of animals, as well as kind, gentle dog training methods in the weekly classes. The dog handlers learn the need for self-discipline, commitment, responsibility and goal-setting which, in the long run, develops personal growth and self-worth. The dogs learn that interacting with humans can be fun and rewarding which results in increased confidence and happier dispositions. Certainly the best way to tackle animal welfare issues!