CapeStorm talk: Cycling the Highest Roads in the World 24/02 – A fundraiser for Funda Nenja

Funda Nenja -literally translates from isiZulu as 'learning with the dog'. Every Friday afternoon about 10 volunteers and 65 dogs with their handlers gather in Mphopomeni township to share interspecies and multicultural communication. The vision of 'Funda Nenja' is to develop respect and compassion for all living things by promoting a bond with a dog, using dog training as a vehicle. Education on animal welfare, the need for sterilization, humane handling of animals, as well as kind, gentle dog training methods are included in the weekly classes. The dog handlers learn the need for self-discipline, commitment, responsibility which, in the long run, develops personal growth and self-worth. The dogs learn that interacting with humans can be fun and rewarding, resulting in increased confidence and happier dispositions. Every dog that takes part in the program is fitted with a collar and lead, and the handler is given training treats, both for the afternoon lesson as well as for training at home during the forthcoming week. Most weeks, however, numerous dogs and their owners are reluctantly turned away as there are never enough resources available for all.

Bridget Ringdahl

Pedaling has been natural to me since the tender age of three. Cycling is practical, fun, it gets you to the corner café, across countries, continents, keeps you fit and is by far the most efficient and environmentally friendly transport option around, being virtually carbon neutral.

I live in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal which is great cycling country, within 10 minutes I can be bouncing along some of the finest single tracks in the province.
One thought on “CapeStorm talk: Cycling the Highest Roads in the World 24/02 – A fundraiser for Funda Nenja
  • julia

    Wow Bridget I loved your photo's. virginia farm is such a gem and best of all-on our door step. We really need to make a weekend of it