Brunsvigia Bonanza by Bike

The Brunsvigia is an indigenous bulb of South Africa found typically in grassland areas in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands. This year the Brunsvigias blossomed like they never have before. The grassland slopes in the small Umgeni valley reserve just 1km from my home were sprinkled with these beautiful pink 'tumbleweeds'.
One of the best ways to see the fields of Brunsvigias is to bike along the singletrack (footpaths)
Umgeni valley is a little haven of grassland, pockets of indigenous forest and amazing geological features such as the Howick falls that plummet almost 100m.
Attention to detail. Getting up real close. (Love the quintessential african acacias in the background)
Exploring the valley by bike also enables a quite approach. I have seen many families of warties (warthogs), mountain reedbuck, zebs, wildebeest, mongeese, franklin and porcupines which I would have missed if I had been in a noisy car.
Whispering to a Brunsvigia! (they are becoming a bit of a rarity these days due to destruction of grasslands and people digging them up for gardens and muthi trade)
A bumper brunsvigia blossoming - the best I have seen in 7 years!
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