Aditya’s Giants Cup Trail – December 2010

Aditya Sinha – Ultimate Survivor

Aditya Sinha is a 12 year old Indian boy from Mumbai who emigrated to South Africa with his family 3 years ago. He is a big fan of Ultimate Survival and has been some time since he has wanted to emulate his hero. So a few weeks ago he decided to surf the internet to look for an adventure. He sent some emails around, one of which landed on my inbox. To cut a long story short he convinced the rest of his family and some of their friends to join me on a 3 day hike in the Drakensberg.

Except for Kili Legend Sandeep Khanna, none of them had done any backpacking in the past, so the Giants Cup Trail seemed to be the most suitable choice for them. This is the only established trail in the Drakensberg. The trail is in good condition, well-signed, scenic and overnights are in cosy mountain huts. Although rustic, the huts are clean with flushing toilets and some of them even offer a hot shower. A sleeping bag, some clothes and food is all you need. It doesn’t get any more comfortable but hiking with a backpack on in the Drakensberg is always tough. A distance of 10km can take you the whole day.

For Adi and his family the 3 days were very challenging but they managed fantastically and loved every single second of it. The Drakensberg is so beautiful at this time of the year! The summer rain fills up the rivers, the streams and the pools; the wild flowers are blooming and the grass is dark green.

If you would like to do this hike contact us at [email protected] or have a look at our website for other exciting hikes.

On our way to Mzimkhulwana Hut – Having a rest on the first hill


Still fresh – The Giants Cup in the background


Pankaj and Aditya Sinha


Tortoise Rocks


Barely visible Bushmen painting at Bathplug Cave


Kili legend Sandeep Khanna


Grass lit on fire after being struck by lightning


Continuous breaks were necessay during the hot central hours of the day.


Siesta time for Kanika
Leena Sinha – One of our two superwomen


Last kilometers down to Mzimkhulwana Hut


7am: Leaving Mzimkhulwana Hut


That’s what I call a perfect hut for a summer hike in the Drakensberg! – Rakhi under it


Rakhi enjoying the wobbly bridge


Sandeep, our morale booster


Pankaj Sinha introducing Garden Castle


My group – An Indian delight


Protea Dracomontana


Refreshing at Boulder Pool


Lunch time by the most beautiful spot


Winterhoek Camp – 3rd hut in the Giants Cup Trail


Climb up Black Eagle Pass – The hardest section in the Giants Cup Trail


Superwomen on the steepest section


Some precarious spots on the Black Eagle Pass


Mzimkhulu Valley – Lake Navarone


Backpacks – first timers’ worst nightmare


End of the hike – Happy to be finished!