Month: Jul 2009

The Bell Traverse – Drakensberg – last minute training?

Last week 9 of us headed for the hills to enjoy one of the best seasons in the Drakensberg - winter. This usually means clear cloudless skys, freezing nights, possible snow, but definetly no rain and great views despite the haze from the pyromaniac tendencies that all landowners  seem to have during the winter season. We set off for 3 days to hike the Organ pipes up to the escarpment, cleft…

Lucky Bike

Lucky knows all about bikes - from the pumping up of tyres to replacing broken spokes,  but a bike is bad news in Lucky's mind - it generally means a morning or afternoon at home alone: just him and Impi dog.  A welcome back he's chuffed and delights in jumping on the table and perching his paws on the saddle. I just love this picture! [caption id="attachment_62" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Lucky pup!"][/caption]

Heading for the Himalayas

Its over four years since my last big bike trip through South America, another one beckons! (Despite a little 2 week bike-jaunt in Morocco and 13 000km of cycling around the midlands between then and now – this doesn’t quite count).  Since I first cycled across them, I always knew I wanted to return to the Himalayas. Mountains of this scale have a magnetic effect on me and what could…