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Mafadi - SA's Highest Peak


Mafadi, at 3450m above sea level, is the highest peak in South Africa. A big dome several hundred of metres away from the edge escarpment, its ascent doesn’t require any technical skill but a high standard of physical fitness and gear. This 4-day/3-night hike with great caves and incredible views is a thrilling adventure into one of the most remote areas of the high berg.

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Sunset from Injisuthi Summit Cave - Drakensberg Mountains - South Africa

This hike can only be attempted by those with extended hiking experience, with high level of fitness and high standard of gear. Be prepared to carry a 15 - 25kg backpack. Alternatively, porters can be arranged on request.

Route Overview

Area:                    Injisuthi

Distance:             48 km

Days:                   4 days / 3 nights

Grade:                 4.5/5 (self-sufficient) - 3.5/5 (portered)

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