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Mafadi - SA's Highest Peak - Route Description


Route Description

Note: The following itinerary should be seen only as a guide, as when hiking in any mountain area, weather and other circumstances can change our daily plans.

For each day we give the following information: (Distance, accumulated ascent, walking time*)

*Walking time includes rests.

Injisuthi Area - Drakensberg Mountains - South Africa

Day 1: Injisuthi Camp – Centenary Hut (10.5km, 820m, 6-7h)

Through the beautiful lush wooden gorges of the Injisuthi valley we head into the mountains. Upon entering an overgrown valley the going gets harder with a little bundu-bashing before the final climb to the hut. As we progress up the ridge and gain altitude we leave behind the thick vegetation and reach the typical afro-montane grasslands of the Little Berg.  The overnight hut is situated beneath the massive basalt walls of the escarpment. Unfortunately, it is been vandalised and it’s of little use these days, however it is a great spot to pitch your tent though.

Sunrise at Summit Injisuthi Cave - Drakensberg Mountains - South Africa

Day 2: Centenary Hut – Injisuthi Summit Cave (13km, 1030m,7-8h)

This is a long day up one of the steep passes of the Drakensberg to the top of the escarpment. But hard work is rewarded with a bird’s-eye views from one of the biggest “balconies” in the world. From the top of the pass we have a long climb to Injisuthi Summit Cave, at 3300m the highest cave in the Drakensberg. A deep fine shelter in a hanging valley, it overlooks 3 standalone basalt spears known as Injisuthi Triplets. The sunrise from here is one the major highlights of this hike.

Head of Leslie's Pass - Drakensberg Mountains - South Africa

Day 3: Injisuthi Cave  – Mafadi – Bottom of Leslie’s Pass (14.5km, 150m, 6-7h)

Mafadi is right behind the cave, an hour walk away. After pictures are taken on the roof of South Africa we start the long descent to the bottom of Leslie’s Pass. We follow the edge of the escarpment all the way to head of the pass with unforgettable views of the Triplets, the Lesser and the Greater Injisuthi Buttresses, and all the way to Cathkin Peak. The pass is steep and rocky, and maximum care is needed. Our campsite is a cosy spot by the river.

Marble Baths - Drakensberg Mountains - South Africa

Day 4: Bottom Leslies Pass – Injisuthi Camp (10km, 200m, 6-7h)

A 3km pathless and overgrown section tests our patience but we will be rewarded as we arrive at the beautiful Marble Baths where an invigorating plunge into the icy pools is an option! The final 7km back to Injisuthi camp are an easy riverside meander back dropped by fabulous views of Injisuthi peak.

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