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High Berg - Hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains

High Berg Hikes

High Berg Hikes

For the fit and the experienced the High Berg offers world-class hiking. At an average height of 3000m the views are some of the best in the whole of Africa. Your need at least 3 days and nights are usually spent in tents although caves are also available in some instances. The weather can be unpredictable, so your gear must be of the highest standard.

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Or check out our most popular hikes in the High Berg:

The high traverse of the northern Drakensberg is one of the most popular hikes on the High Berg as this is arguably the most spectacular section of the whole range. From the beginning to the end this hike is full of memorable views. The descent to the Cathedral Peak Hotel via the Bell Traverse is without a doubt the most remarkable day you can have in these mountains.

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Mafadi, at 3450m above sea level, is the highest peak in South Africa. A big dome several hundred of metres away from the edge of the escarpment, its ascent doesn’t require any technical skill but a high standard of physical fitness and gear. This 4-day/3-night hike with great caves and incredible views is a thrilling adventure into one of the most remote areas of the high berg.

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The Bell Traverse is the ultimate hiking experience in the Drakensberg. This 3-day hike must rank high among the best hikes in the world. Dramatic views, spear-like peaks, precarious rock traverses, fascinating caves...This is not for the faint-hearted but for the very experienced hiker with a head for heights.

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Champagne Castle Peak at 3377m is the third highest point in South Africa. Without technical difficulties all you need for this hike is a good physical condition, a head for heights and an appeal for adventure. It is an exhilarating hiking experience with great views!

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