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Climbing Stok Kangri (6130m)

Prayer flags adorn the kangri (snow peak).


Stok Kangri (6130m),  literally translates as 'snow-peak  of Stok village'. The peak is a perfect A-line that 'watches over' Stok  some 3000m below.  It is regarded as one of the easiest 6000m peaks in the Indian Himalayas, a trekking peak to be precise. Not one for heights, ice and on the-edge-kind-of-stuff, the suggestion to climb it didn't seem like such a bad one considering it is regarded as 'easy'. Besides this gave me an opportunity to beat my highest climbed altitude to date:   Huanya Potosi at 6080m in Bolivia which I managed on my pan-american bike trip some years back.

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The Bell Traverse – Drakensberg – last minute training?

Heading toward Organ pipes pass, a long hard slog!

Heading toward Organ pipes pass, a long hard slog!

Last week 9 of us headed for the hills to enjoy one of the best seasons in the Drakensberg - winter. This usually means clear cloudless skys, freezing nights, possible snow, but definetly no rain and great views despite the haze from the pyromaniac tendencies that all landowners  seem to have during the winter season.

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